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Sep 8, 2016

UID still Number One

In 2016, UID was once more the top provider of usability and user experience services in Germany. This was confirmed in the new industry report published by the German UPA. The trade association for usability and user experience professionals presented this result at the "Mensch und Computer" (MuC) conference in Aachen, Germany. From September 4 to 7, 2016, experts from allover Germany gathered there to exchange views on the latest trends in UX research, in keeping with the motto "Social digital - forging new paths together". UID contributed as a sponsor, exhibitor and speaker.

Once more, the industry report published by the German UPA ranks UID first among the most prestigious UX companies in Germany. And at the "Mensch und Computer 2016", we lived up to our title: In two presentations and a panel discussion, UID's experts presented current projects, trends and methods in the field of UX and usability, and answered the participants' questions.

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Living the simple life

Cooking with guaranteed success, parking cars in tiny spaces, physical relief - smart assistance systems make our lives easier, provide us with a sense of achievement and give us extra time. But how can we automate support systems while giving the user the feeling of still being in charge? These and other challenges relating to assistance systems were the topic of a presentation given by Manfred Dorn, UID's Head of Design.

Using practical examples, he demonstrated where assistance makes sense and how such support becomes an important part of the brand experience. Because choice and design of a user interface as well as the degree of automation depend on various factors, i. e. on the role of humans in the human-machine interaction on the one hand and on the user requirements the product has to meet on the other.

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Safe and aesthetics

Lwam Leber (UID) illustrated how technical writers and usability engineers create manuals for medical devices that are safe, fit for purpose and aesthetic at the same time. A user-centered design process is especially important for operational safety and suitability for purpose because writers and designers are only able to analyze the users' requirements and develop a user-friendly concept for the manual if they know their target group. This approach not only increases quality but also ensures a consistent and holistic brand awareness.

Just a fad?

Currently, design thinking is a major global trend. Sigrid Ackermann, user experience designer at UID, participated in a panel discussion on this topic. Practitioners and researchers not only analyzed the opportunities provided by design thinking but also discussed theories such as "Design thinking is just a fancy new word for a user-centered design process" or "In ten years' time, design thinking will be outdated and will have been succeeded by a new user-centered design process." But all the panelists agreed: Design thinking is more than just a fad.

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If you are interested in the presentation by Manfred Dorn or Lwam Leber, we will be pleased to forward them to you.