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User-centered access to 14,000 products

cymex® 5 offers user-centered access to roughly 14,000 motor variants from more than 50 manufacturers. Users can simply drag&drop gearheads and axes directly into the train drive, the core element of the screen. Individual views can then be configured around it. From complex train drives with several axes to simple sizing: Using a wizard or specialized views, the tool gives users with different experience levels exactly the information they need. If, for example, they need the dimensional sketch of a rack-and-pinion system, they can directly access it in the Properties window.

"I really like the cymex® 5 interface. It is very easy to get used to, very intuitive.“ Max Windholz, Senior Manager Standardization, SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

References Industry Wittenstein Prozess 550


WITTENSTEIN alpha and UID's UX specialists created an interface with several benefits, e.g. the possibility to complement the concept later on. We worked hand in hand to develop a modern, clearly structured and well thought-out design, which was implemented by UID's software engineers with .NET/WPF


This project is one of our all-time favorites because user experience designers and software engineers joined forces to come up with a common solution in a very agile process: Whenever the concept requirements changed, the design and software developers got together to find a good solution.

References Industry Wittenstein Team 700

One concept for all types

A wizard enables occasional users to quickly familiarize with train drive sizing. Experienced users, in contrast, can customize the screen with individual windows.

Effortless work

The train drive can be sized using drag&drop. The system gives feedback on whether the selected options are reasonable or whether there is room for improvement.

Well-structured design

The clear screen design makes cymex® 5 an easy-to-use software. An important aspect was the brand recognition of the WITTENSTEIN alpha products. Therefore, UID's designers showed great attention to detail when designing the icons.

Agile & future-proof

The modular "docking windows" concept makes it possible to add further functionalities to cymex® 5 at a later date.